At Fractal Change we believe awareness is at the root of transformational change. We provide personalized programs, effective tools, and experiences to help individuals draw on new insights and create a better, more fulfilling future for themselves and the organizations of which they are a part.


Our mission is to help our clients recognize and cultivate their values, overcome the barriers to their personal and professional growth, and allow positive, lasting change to occur. 



We offer a variety of services for our clients to develop both as individuals and leaders.

Workshops include:

  • Bridging the Gap

  • Suited Monk

  • Amazonian Emotional Process

  • Emotional Breathing Process

  • Individual Coaching



Our dedicated team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds ranging from corporate entrepreneurs to American military veterans, licensed therapists and life coaches. Collectively we have over 20 years experience with corporate coaching and plant medicine therapies. We bring a high level of quality and integrity to the work we do and infuse passion and humility in our approach to helping others.

We believe in the courageous work our clients do in transforming their lives both at work and at home and are honored to be a part of their journey towards a more aware and more rewarding future.

  • Quality

  • Humility

  • Integrity

  • Courage

  • Passion

  • Fun


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