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At Fractal Change, we strive to provide the tools and support for our clients to successfully navigate change in any area of their lives.

Pere Marced

Pere Marced is the founder of Fractal Change and has over 17 years experience working with plant medecine including Ayahuasca and San Pedro. Pere is driven to help others grow and change for the better and since 2013, has created and led workshops and various coaching programs for organizations and individuals throughout Shanghai, Beijing, and Barcelona including the Amazonian Emotional Process, the Emotional Breathing Process, and Ecstatic Dance.

Pere is an ICC Certified Master Coach and holds a Master’s degree in Management and Marketing. Before devoting his work full-time to Fractal Change, Pere worked as an Overseas Business Development Manager in a Chinese corporation and previously served as an Executive Director and Overseas Business Manager in a consulting company with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Spain.

Raf Adams
Corporate Coach

Raf Adams is the author of The Suited Monk and Suited Monk Leadership. He is an inspirational speaker specializing in corporate coaching and corporate training for multinational organizations and individuals.


Originally from Belgium, Raf lived in China for 12 years and has successfully delivered a variety of workshops and trainings across Asia for the past decade. He is a speaker at international universities such as CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) and works with global corporate clients including British Petrol, GAP, BARCO, OCBC Bank, BASF, Philips, Mead Johnson, Bayer, Henkel. His books have been translated in English, Spanish and Chinese and his articles have been published in The Economist Intelligence Unit, Forbes India and Korea Times.

Miquel Canut

Miquel Canut is a firm believer of living life and doing business for the common good. Miquel is the founder of Veltia hand dryers, holds several patents for new hand drying systems and exports his products to over 85 countries. He has established factories in Venezuela, Morocco, South Africa and commercial offices in South Korea and China.


For the past 14 years, Miquel has been coaching and mentoring people to help them realize their true potential. Miquel has translated the Suited Monk into Spanish, El Monje con Traje, and as a GLO partner, facilitates Suited Monk workshops globally. Miquel is often invited to speak to companies and events on subjects of: Entrepreneurship, Business Growth and Internationalization, and Developing Businesses with Social Values. He is also a Rotary Club Member (previous president from 2013-2014) and serves as a Board Member for a non-profit organization distributing food to over 2,300 struggling families in Sabadell.

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 4.43.17 PM.png
Kristina Liu
Executive Coach

Kristina is an ICF certified executive coach and life coach, as well as the owner of a lodge and retreat center in the Amazon Jungle, Peru where she hosts holistic life transformation programs. Kristina is passionate about unleashing human potential and elevating human consciousness through a variety of approaches such as coaching, workshops, plant medicine, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating, and getting in touch with nature.


Kristina is a Chinese-born-American who has a passion for travel and learning about cultures around the world. Prior to becoming a coach and business owner, she worked 14 years in multinational companies in the US and Singapore holding a variety of positions ranging from strategy and marketing to business improvement and portfolio management. Kristina holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Accounting, an MBA, and is finishing her dissertation in a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D).

Alex 1.JPG
Alex Weber
Corporate Trainer & Coach

Alex is a Beijing-based trainer, facilitator, and executive coach. His experiential learning techniques and trainings help his clients enhance their effectiveness, particularly as it relates to communicating across borders - be they intercultural, interpersonal, or stemming from differing work styles or world views.


Fluent in Mandarin, Alex has worked with a variety of companies, government organizations, and NGOs in the China region. He excels at employing a variety of interactive facilitation and coaching techniques to ensure participants remain fully engaged and entrench retention of training program contents and outcomes. In addition to his experience supporting individuals and enterprise clients, Alex has also served as a Key Account Manager in B2B software sales for a large multinational company, a training team director charged with architecting custom solutions for enterprise clients, and a business consultant bridging China and the rest of the world. He has vast knowledge and experience managing teams and continues to own and operate a successful consulting business throughout China.

Rose Lee
Brand Promoter

Rose is a Beijing-based organizer and brand promoter. She has a passion for empowering her community and clients through culture, embodied movement, and collectively realizing individual strengths and capacities. A dancer by background and education, Rose helped to found the first Harley Davidson dealership and motorcycle community in mainland China, growing it from nothing to a national country-wide membership of over ten-thousand. She has also planned and promoted brand and culture events for multinational companies like BMW, real estate development firms, and music festivals.


In addition to serving as legal head of a small business consulting enterprise, she promotes health, well-being, and community in her work, organizing and implementing transformational workshops at Fractal Change, and running and organizing Ecstatic Dance Beijing.

Steve Lawrence
Meditation Instructor

Steve is a Shanghai-based meditation instructor, a teacher of Humanities and Psychology for children 12-18. He is the founder of The One-Pointed Mind Workshops for Meditative Psychology © in education and leadership and these workshops have been shared in 7 countries and 13 schools. Steve holds a master’s degree in Education and his most recent work examines the impacts of technology on our biological, cognitive and socio-cultural development and how we as teachers, parents and leaders can help counter their negative effects. He continuously trains as a meditation therapist through American Meditation Institute and the Himalayan tradition, and his The One-Pointed Mind© guided meditations can be found on most on-line music platforms.


Prior to teaching Steve owned and operated a private contracting company in Upstate New York. Since arriving in Shanghai, he has found a place with the Fractal team as a facilitator of The Emotional Breathing Process, and has continued to work with local schools in the effective implementation of meditation practices to optimize student well-being. Steve will begin his PhD in Clinical Psychology in August 2019.

Johnathon Lang (RJ)
Performance Coach

Johnathon Lang (Recon John) is a Body-Mind Performance Coach. He holds certifications in a variety of fitness and movement disciplines helping individuals and organizations find flow through physical and mental cultivation.

Johnathon (RJ) is also an Iraq War veteran and continually champions efforts to help veterans suffering from PTSD and depression. As a survivor of war, he draws on his own experiences when coaching and training others so that they can grow and develop in both body and mind.




  • MovNat Level 1 Trainer

  • StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit SPEAR: Science of Self-Defense Trainer

  • Steve Maxwell S&C: Mobility Conditioning Trainer

  • Yoga Diksha: Astanga Vinyasa 50 Hours TTC

  • American Heart Association CPR/AED

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