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What our clients have to say...



Co-Founder, Principal Advisor The Pacer Co.

General Manager Taifeng Ltd., Franchisee of global QSR brand

"I am transformed, genuinely and profoundly, thanks to Fractal Change. Their process has and still today continues to allow me to reach levels of awareness and clarity that I've never thought possible, let alone attainable. Becoming a more effective leader and business proprietor is an ongoing and ever-changing journey.  But under their guidance, I've learned to be significantly more sympathetic, patient, and far more deeply connected with myself so that I may better manage and serve my core teams and customers."

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CEO/Founder, Silver Cloud Ltd

"An engine for change and deeper insight, Fractal Change has been a trusted partner in the process of improving and strengthening my clarity around purpose and long term priorities on a personal and professional level that made me a better and more effective leader and created a stronger connection to my authentic self."

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General Manager of Shanghai at Freeman APAC

"It's been a few weeks after my process retreat with you and I just wanted to connect with you directly about the benefits it has on me just in this short time. Actually, words aren't enough to give an accurate description of my experience but it has given me the insight into the way I work and think about my work. I believe in this modern world connecting to the source of nature to give us a better perspective is very difficult. I believe the process is the answer. The power that the process has instilled in me is not just representative in my work but also in my personal life. 


I am so very grateful to you, Pere, and to the process as I can't even begin to measure the benefits, but I am sure I will feel it for the rest of my life."



Professor of Management Practice,

China Europe International Business School

“Raf has developed a unique model to help executives gain insight into their personal and interpersonal motivations with a very coherent argument that we can trust our heart and "implement with our mind". I think it is only a matter of time before Raf's programmes and publications become world famous.”



Barcelona, Catalunya

“Las asesorías de coaching con Miquel me han ayudado muchísimo no solo en la vida profesional sino en la personal. Me ha guiado para proyectar un mejor estilo y propósito de vida. Su profesionalidad, entrega y el cariño han hecho que todas las sesiones sean más agradables y productivas.”



Regional Organizational Development Professional

"I have participated in 2 therapeutic plant healing sessions with Pere and Fractal Change. As a performance-oriented individual, I am always striving to better myself and I have found plant healing to be an effective way for me to do that. Both of my sessions resulted in significant positive change in both my psychology and external circumstances.


One particular benefit from my first session was the immediate lifting of a chronic mild depressive state I had battled for years. This change has now persisted for more than 18 months. As you can imagine, an improved state of mind has made almost every aspect of my life better. Another benefit from my second plant healing session was an elevated awareness about my general health.


In the year since that session I have taken significant action to improve my health. My improved health and more grounded priorities have allowed me to contribute more at work and in life. These changes have been palpable to my friends and family. I would like recommend Pere and Fractal Plant Healing sessions to anyone serious enough to follow their well-proven process for positive change."


HR Director, Alcatel-Lucent

“I truly appreciate your integrity and down to earth teaching, Raf,.... I will definitely use your Life Journey Model and GAP Model to integrate into our organization!”



Barcelona, Catalunya

" Recibir información y asimilarla correctamente no es fácil en estos tiempos que nos bombardean continuamente. Para ello es imprescindible que te lo de una persona que sea un gran comunicador y, sin duda, esta persona se llama MIQUEL CANUT. Todo como lo  explica, su profundidad, su intensidad y su actitud hace que hable directamente con tu YO interior y de verdad creas un dialogo profundo motivador con él."



Senior HR

“A very good course to explore your True Self, to reflect & recognize who you are and what you want to be. I am refreshed and energized.”



Sales & Marketing Intercontinental Hotels Group

"Raf Adams & Co delivered a 'vision and values"'workshop to the senior Sales & Marketing Team for IHG plc Greater China. The session was stimulating, highly-engaging and participative - delivering a high-quality output across a diverse and multi-cultural team.“




“There is something special that happens when a group of people get together with intention and participate in a ritualized activity.


Under Pere's guidance, the Emotional Breathing Process worked as a catalyst for locating and unraveling painful energy blocks nested deep in the emotional body. What followed was a surprising and delightful excursion into a high flow energy state.”




General Manager, China

"Being able to connect to my inner self and face the unfiltered truth about personal strengths and shortcomings is and was a lifelong journey for me with many obstacles to overcome in order to develop mature and insightful leadership abilities. Fractal Change has helped and facilitated to open doors to my inner self enabling me to fundamentally challenge my past and presence in order to develop a more genuine and authentic leadership persona from within.“



Chief Representative

BP China Holdings Ltd, Shanghai Branch

“Raf conducted a training for my leadership team on the subject 'leading from within.' The training was delivered with top quality, and was well received by my team.”


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